LEDA: A Platform for Combinatorial and Geometric Computing

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Wed Dec 29 09:44:26 PST 1999

Stefan N"aher and Kurt Mehlhorn are proud to announce the LEDAbook.

The LEDAbook is now available from Cambridge University Press. 
We quote from the announcement by Cambridge University Press.

``The book provides a comprehensive treatment of the LEDA system 
and its use. Written by the main authors of the system, it treats
the architecture of the system, discusses the functionality of 
the data types and algorithms available in the system, 
gives the implementation of many modules of the system, and 
illustrates the use of LEDA in many examples. The book is 
essential for all workers in combinatorial and geometric 
computing, for casual or intensive users of LEDA, 
for library designers and software engineers, and for
students taking an algorithms course.''

The book has about 1000 pages and is divided into 14 chapters. 

Chapter 1,  Introduction                        page    1   

Chapter 2,  Foundations                                16

Chapter 3,  Basic Data Types                           58

Chapter 4,  Numbers and Matrices                       99

Chapter 5,  Advanced Data Types                       121

Chapter 6,  Graphs and their Data Structures          240

Chapter 7,  Graph Algorithms                          283

Chapter 8,  Embedded Graphs                           498

Chapter 9,  The Geometry Kernels                      581

Chapter 10, Geometry Algorithms                       637

Chapter 11, Windows and Panels                        813

Chapter 12, GraphWin                                  857

Chapter 13, On the Implementation of LEDA             904

Chapter 14, Manual Pages and Documentation            963

You may download some of the chapters from the 
LEDA book home page


and you may order the book from Cambridge University Press.



         Stefan and Kurt

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