Oriented Matroids (Second edition)

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Second edition

Anders Björner -- KTH Stockholm
Michel Las Vergnas --- Paris 6/CNRS
Bernd Sturmfels --- UC Berkeley
Neil White --- U Florida
& Günter M. Ziegler -- TU Berlin

``Oriented matroids are a very natural mathematical concept which presents
itself in many different guises and which has connections and applications
to many different areas. These include discrete and computational geometry,
combinatorics, convexity, topology, algebraic geometry, operations
research, computer science and theoretical chemistry. This is the second
edition of the first comprehensive, accessible account of the subject. It
is intended for a diverse audience: graduate students who wish to learn the
subject from scratch; researchers in the various fields of application who
want to concentrate on certain aspects of the theory; specialists who need
a thorough reference work; and others at academic points in between. A list
of exercises and open problems ends each chapter. 
For the second edition,
the authors have expanded the bibliography greatly to ensure that it
remains comprehensive and up-to-date, and they have also added an appendix
surveying research since the book was first published.''

!From reviews of the first edition:
``Overall this is a book which is a classic of its type; it is a mine of
information, which will be the authoritative source for many years to
come.'' Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

Preface, Notation 
 1. A first orientation session 
 2. A second orientation session 
 3. Axiomatics 
 4. From face lattices to topology 
 5. Topological models for oriented matroids 
 6. Arrangements of pseudolines
 7. Constructions 
 8. Realizability 
 9. Convex polytopes 
10. Linear programming 
Appendix: Some current frontiers of research (NEW)
Bibliography (EXTENDED)

Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, Vol. 46
Cambridge University Press 1999   560 pages / 299 exercises / 138 figures
ISBN 0 521 77750 X	Paperback

For further information see http://www.cup.cam.ac.uk or http://www.cup.org
and/or my homepage http://www.math.tu-berlin.de (which also has
the detailed table of contents and preface).

Prof. Dr. G\"unter M. Ziegler
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