Symposium on Trends in Unstructured Mesh Generation

Steve Owen Steve.Owen at
Thu Oct 8 16:24:51 PDT 1998

   Fifth US National Congress on Computational Mechanics
       2nd Symposium on Unstructured Mesh Generation
              University of Colorado, Boulder
                      August 4-6, 1999

Abstracts and papers are invited dealing with all aspects of
unstructured mesh generation, including, but not limited to: all-hex or
hex-dominant meshing, mesh sweeping, tet meshing, tri or quad surface
meshing, mesh strategies for shape optimization, mesh control schemes,
adaptive meshing algorithms, a priori mesh quality improvement, geometry
decomposition, repair and/or simplification techniques for CAD geometry,
parallel implementations, p-element (coarse) meshing, mesh smoothing,
and large mesh manipulation and storage.

Additional information on the symposium can be found at:
Information on the Fifth US National Congress on Computational Mechanics
can be found at:

Abstracts are required for the conference and will be included in the
conference proceedings.  For format information, see:

Submit a one page electronic version of your abstract by JANUARY 5, 1999
to Dr. Scott A. Canann, scott.canann at Feel free to call (724)
514-2981, if you have any questions.  You can also ftp them to anonymous
ftp: (login: anonymous  password: email address Place the
file in /pub/mesh) and send an email to Dr. Scott Canann to let know him
that it is there.

For inclusion in this symposia, full length papers (in addition to the
one page abstract) are requested, but not required.  A collection of the
final papers are planned to be combined into a special edition of the
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering (IJNME).
Papers should all be submitted using the formatting and submission
guidelines given in that journal. Instructions for authors and
information about IJNME may be found at:
All papers must be submitted to Dr. Cannan by email or anonymous ftp by
MARCH 29, 1999.


Symposium Co-Chairs
Scott A. Canann, 
   Ansys, Inc. 
   scott.canann at
Sunil Saigal, 
   Carnegie Mellon University 
   saigal+ at
Steven J. Owen, 
   Ansys, Inc.
   steve.owen at 

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