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Call for Papers

Special Issue of the Journal
Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications
on Multi-Resolution 3D Modeling, Encoding and Transmitting

Submission due: December 15, l998

     There has been recently considerable interest in building and
managing multi-resolution 3D models, especially triangular/polygonal
and tetrahedral meshes (e.g. through Levels of Detail or LODs), as
well as in efficiently encoding 3D models for transmission and compact
storage. One particularly promising application is progressive
delivery of 3D geometry across a network (e.g. the Internet) or to a
display terminal.  Many of the fundamental issues involved in this
process center around Computational Geometry and Topology.

     This special issue is dedicated to applications of
Computational Geometry to generate, compress, encode and efficiently
use multi-resolution representations of 3-D (or 2-D) geometry, for
progressive, and parameter dependent visualization (and more
generally, utilization).

Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Progressive transmission and/or display and view-dependent
refinement of 3-D geometry

* Automated generation of levels of detail of 3D models

* Wavelet-based multi-resolution representation of 3-D geometry

* Compression of 3-D geometry

* Representations and algorithms for handling topological changes
and/or non-manifold topology

* Multi-resolution methods and algorithms exploiting levels of detail
in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

* Methods For handling very large data sets, and low memory footprint

* Frameworks for progressively delivering 3-D geometry on the
World Wide Web


          Paper submission: December 15, l998
          Acceptance/rejection notification: April 1st, l999
          Final manuscript submission: May 15, l999
          Publication: Fall/Winter 1999 or earlier

The guest editors for this issue are:

Dr. Andre Gueziec
Dr. Gabriel Taubin
IBM T.J.Watson Research Center
30 Sawmill River Road
Hawthorne, NY 10532

email: {gueziec, taubin}


All submission will be refereed in accordance with the Journal guidelines.
Manuscripts will not be accepted if they have been previously published.

Please submit 5 copies of your article to either guest editor at the
address above. Please attempt to limit the length of the article to 35


Please refer to the following Web page:

Electronic submissions of Latex documents are possible once the
paper has been accepted.

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