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                             CALL FOR PAPERS

                   Special Issue of  Computer-Aided Design

        Geometric Programming: Languages and Interfaces

                              Guest Editors:
                    Graham Jared, Cranfield University
                 Vadim Shapiro, University of Wisconsin

          Deadline for Submission of Full Papers: 28 August 1998
                     Expected Publication: March 1999

The specification, construction, query, transformation and exchange of 
geometric information are common programming activities in many areas of 
computing, with numerous applications across engineering, the sciences, 
and beyond.  Progress in 'geometric programming' is documented in the 
literature and demonstrated in commercial systems.

However, geometric programming is still inhibited by unresolved problems 
in interfacing and exchanging geometric data and algorithms, which are 
compounded by factors such as incompatible models and assumptions, legacy 
data, and the adoption of case-by-case solutions.  These difficulties are 
somewhat similar to the challenges that have been faced in other areas of 
computing over the last twenty years.  Indeed, software engineering 
concepts, including portability of applications, plug-and-play software, 
and standardized application programming interfaces have been advocated as 
partial solutions to the interface problem in geometric programming; 
familiar results of this approach include kernel modellers and 
component-based CAD systems.  However, more profound interoperability of 
geometric systems requires formal frameworks for defining common syntax 
and semantics of geometric constructs and operations which are largely 
independent of specific representations.

This special issue will contain papers presenting new research results in 
topics including, but not limited to:

*  Advantages and limitations of existing methods in geometric 
   programming, and the theoretical and practical barriers to further 
*  New abstractions and techniques for geometric programming.
*  General principles for designing and constructing geometric languages 
   and interfaces.
*  Formal methods for defining the syntax and semantics of geometric 
*  Spatial (geometric, topological, and combinatorial) abstractions and 
   models, and their applications in geometric programming.
*  Specification, design and implementation of application-specific 
   languages, toolkits, and environments: in areas such as design and 
   manufacture, robotics, architecture, and scientific visualization.

Well-researched survey papers are also particularly welcome.

All papers will be refereed.  Authors should consult the "Notes for 
Authors", which are printed at the back of most issues of Computer-Aided 
Design, for information about preparation of their manuscripts.  Papers 
of an appropriate standard which are not included in the special issue may 
be considered for publication in a regular issue of Computer-Aided_Design.

Please submit papers to:

                               Graham Jared
              School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science
                               Building 50
                           Cranfield University
                                 MK43 0AL
                                   U K

                           Fax: +44-1234-750875
                     E-mail: g.jared at

Or to:

                              Vadim Shapiro
                   Department of Mechanical Engineering
                    University of Wisconsin - Madison
                          1513 University Avenue
                              WI 53706-1572
                                  U S A

                           FAX +1-608-265-2316
                      E-mail: vshapiro at


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