MAPC: an efficient library for algebraic points & curves, v. 1.0

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Fri Dec 18 18:00:28 PST 1998

The Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill announces the release of MAPC: a library for efficient and
exact manipulation of algebraic points and curves in the plane.  MAPC
is a collection of C++ classes which allow programmers to easily 
define and work with:

- Multivariate polynomials with floating-point, multiprecision integer,
  or multiprecision rational coefficients. 

- Algebraic numbers represented as the roots of polynomials within an

- One and two dimensional points whose coordinates are defined as either
  algebraic numbers or as rational numbers. 

- Segments of algebraic plane curves. 

For further information and downloading instructions, please see the 
MAPC web page:

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