Accomodations for DIMACS/HKUST workshop this month

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Tue Dec 1 19:42:11 PST 1998

We would like to remind you that on-campus accomodation at the
DIMACS-HKUST Far-East Workshop on Algorithms and Combinatorics
have to be reserved in the next few days, preferably before 
December 4th.

Please consult our workshop webpage at
for details on registering and reserving accomodation.

For your convenience, the workshop announcement is reproduced below.

Our apologies to those who receive this message more than once.

Best wishes,
    The organizing committee at HKUST
    (dimacswac at


                 DIMACS-HKUST Far-East Workshop on 
                     Algorithms and Combinatorics

As part of their recent cooperation agreement, DIMACS and the 
Theoretical Computer Science Center at the Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology  are co-sponsoring a workshop from December 
18-20, 1998 at HKUST. The goal of this workshop is to foster greater
communication and collaboration between DIMACS and algorithm researchers 
in Asia. Its focus will be on algorithms, combinatorics and the interplay 
between them. 

Two types of talks are planned; extended surveys by seven distinguished 
invited speakers and shorter presentations by the attendees describing 
their current research. In addition, there will be open problem sessions. 

The workshop is deliberately planned in such a way that participants 
can combine it with ISAAC'98 in Korea. 

List of Invited Speakers

       Ding-Zhu Du, University of Minnesota 
       Wen-Lian Hsu, Academia Sinica 
       Frank Hwang, Chiao-Tung University 
       Ricky Pollack, New York University (Courant Institute) 
       Robert Sedgewick, Princeton University 
       Micha Sharir, University of Tel Aviv 
       Neil Sloane, AT&T Labs 

CONTRIBUTED PAPER SUBMISSIONS:  A one-page abstract should be submitted, if 
at all possible in electronic form using Postscript. Authors are responsible 
to make sure that their submission can be printed. Please send your
submission, with author's names and affiliations, to dimacswac at
If you are unable to submit electronically please send email to 
dimacswac at for further instructions.

REGISTRATION:  There is a nominal registration fee of HK$250 (about US$30) 
to cover the costs of the communal coffee breaks. To register, please print 
out the registration form (Postscript format) available at the
conference web site   
and mail or fax the completed form to Ms. Vanessa Kwok at the address 
given on the form. 

ACCOMMODATION: HKUST is able to provide accommodation in serviced apartments 
on the HKUST campus, a few minutes walking from the workshop venue. Each 
apartment consists of three rooms that share a small living room, toilet 
and bathroom, and a small kitchen area. The cost is HK$400 (about US$50) 
per room per night. The cost of accommodation will be charged to your credit 
card together with the registration fee. The number of apartments is
limited, and requests will be honored on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

You can request such a room on campus on the registration form. The apartments
are available from December 17 to December 23, in case you wish to spend 
extra days in Hong Kong. 

CANCELLATIONS: Please note that for cancellations after December 1, 1998, 
we will not be able to reimburse the registration fee and the room rate 
for the first night. 

CONTACT: If there are any other questions, please contact the organization 
committee at dimacswac at 

       Siu-Wing Cheng, Hong Kong UST 
       Otfried Cheong, Hong Kong UST 
       XiaoTie Deng, City University of Hong Kong 
       Mordecai Golin, Hong Kong UST 
       Ron Graham, AT&T Labs and Rutgers 
       Fred Roberts, Rutgers 

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